It's no secret - Disco is alive and well!

"Mature” enough to have been there first time round, we’ve recently watched disco music turn the beat around and carve a new niche for itself. Disco Inferno Productions was created to provide you, the people, with an outlet for all that suppressed disco spirit that has never gone away. The music will be glorious, the surroundings spectacular and you’ll leave wanting more. Rediscover your inner disco dancer and have a great night out with like-minded friends you already know and more you have yet to meet. So come along and spend the night dancing, dancing, dancing!

At Disco Inferno we're all about the music

This was the age of real music recorded by real musicians and resident selector Buzz has lovingly curated an extensive collection of  the most memorable and dance-able tracks from the disco era, the 70's and early 80's. We keep it real and respect the artist's intent by not digitally messing with these glorious tracks just to make them more mixable - we play as much of each original track as possible, back to back, many in their entirety,  just as you heard them first time around.

We look forward to traveling back in time with you to the fabulous world of Studio 54 and the disco era. We're going to stomp - all night!

Love Ange & Buzz

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