Disco can best be described as a genre of music in which the elements of funk, soul, pop and salsa work together in an exciting and dynamic way.  It all started in the US as early as the late-1960's, and its popularity peaked in the mid to late-1970's.  It was popular among the club goers from all walks of life and was a wonderfully inclusive place where everybody could express themselves without fear of judgement.  Disco returned dancing to the very center of pop music. 


One of the reasons why disco music enjoyed such a rapid rise to almost universal popularity was the sheer joy to be had free-form dancing to the distinctive disco beat while the thoughtful musical selections and seamless mixing of the songs by the DJ kept the house pumping.

In the mid-1970's disco dance schools sprung up everywhere and millions of people went along to work on their moves and learn the group dances such as the "Hustle" so that they could join in the fun at the club on Saturday night.

In it's short life - 33 months from opening night to it's untimely closure - Studio 54 in New York was the most adventurous and opulent undertaking of the late-1970's and will always be remembered as the peak of the disco scene.

Disco was a relatively brief part of music history, but it had a flame that burned so brightly it seared itself in the hearts and minds of the true believers and continues to influence pop and dance music to this very day.  There's no doubt that like all things that were so loved, disco is making a welcome return in the twenty first century.